Big Green DAO
Big Green DAO

Big Green DAO

The first non-profit led philanthropic DAO

Our Mission

Big Green DAO is the first non-profit led philanthropic DAO.

Big Green is a USA 501c3 non-profit that believes growing food changes lives. We're launching a DAO as an experiment in democratizing and decentralizing our grantmaking.

Since 2011, we have been teaching people to grow food. Growing food improves nutrition security and mental health, increases time spent outdoors, and cultivates a deeper appreciation for our collective impact on the climate.

We now support schools, families and communities across the country to grow their own food through training, grants, garden bed donations, and providing materials directly to teachers and growers to create and support their garden programs.

The Big Green DAO is a first-of-its-kind experiment to radically reconceive and restructure grant-making, disrupting embedded power structures by putting non-profits in the driver’s seat.

The Big Green DAO is controlled by its grantees and donors. Everyone gets the same vote.

The Big Green DAO committee is made up of organizations working in food and tech. All of our members have all been awarded grants and will play a key role in guiding the direction of Big Green DAO.

Our Values

We believe in

  • Growing food changes lives.

  • Disrupting philanthropic hierarchies.

  • Streamlining philanthropic models.

  • Democratizing and decentralizing our grantmaking