BeetsDAO Labs
BeetsDAO Labs
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BeetsDAO Labs

Built to dream, connect and build web3 experiments in entertainment


Our Mission

BeetsDAO is the collective disrupting the creator-audience connection. Walled gardens have kept creators removed from audiences. Web3 has the power to change this.

We are passionate about the power of decentralization to empower the creator economy. With LABS, we enable creators to experiment with web3 constructs through a self-interested lens.

Labs are decentralized networks, built in public, and supported by our treasury and membership. In our inaugural Labs Season 00 we have projects in Arts, Music, Sports, and DAO Design. With PODS, we fund and incubate significant web3 projects that can disrupt the status quo. Of note are Fungify and LCOA with more moving out of stealth soon.

BeetsDAO also collects and creates art. We are the largest holder of Eulerbeats Originals and proudly showcase "Cassette Tape Head" Noun 129 as the BeetsDAO mascot. We have worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Nyan Cat, and Justin Aversano.

Based on the interests and activity in the DAO, we have aligned labs:

  • Fans United — A sports-focused lab building experiments with a professional sports league in ticketing and memorabilia.

  • Beets Foundry — A tokenomics lab building the future of creator-audience tokenization.

About Us

Notion- Beets Foundry

Notion- Friends United



Founder’s Pass


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Our Values

  • Labs are self-incentivized.

  • Labs encourage and reward failure.

  • Labs push the limits of creation to the edges: Where people are motivated to build for themselves. And paradoxically not directly for the common good of the DAO.