Balcony DAO
Balcony DAO

Balcony DAO

The future of Web3 enabled real estate

Our Mission

Balcony DAO merges real estate and crypto to create web3 enhanced assets.

As a Web3 Investment bank, we provide crypto financing solutions for real world assets. Balcony DAO’s marketplace will be the Opensea for trading real world assets.

  • Balcony is committed to merging the bestattributes of both real estate and web3 to provide investors radical transparency and liquidity.

  • These super-assets democratize access to high-quality real estate investments with unprecedented visibility and control. reNFTs maintain immutable records on the blockchain, which dramatically streamlines due diligence and financial reporting practices.

  • The entire investment history, all encumbrances, proof of tax payments, assessments, title, deed, and all other asset pertinent data will be recorded on the blockchain and accessible from within the reNFT.

  • The reNFT acts as a digital envelope which stores all the metadata about the property in a highly accessible form.

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Our Values

  • The Balcony marketplace is a two-sided market where all reNFTs are traded.

  • OpenSea meets Zillow — We make real estate investing fun.

  • Showcase your reNFTs and increase liquidity by broadcasting supply.

  • Build a large portfolio of cash flowing assets (reNFTs).

  • The value of the reNFT is supported by the underlying real estate, creating a concrete floor price,unlike traditional NFTs.