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A community-owned initiative bringing stability and transparency to the world of finance




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Our Mission

Babylon is a community-led asset management protocol that enables users to invest in DeFi together. It's built on the Ethereum network and it's non-custodial, transparent, permissionless, and governed by the community.

We believe crypto assets are poised to become the best-performing asset class over the next two decades.

We want to bring everyone access to this generational opportunity. We are rethinking asset management from scratch. We are creating an ecosystem that rewards the participants who support the best investment ideas.








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Our Values

  • In a world starved for yield- DeFi can help investors capture the convexity of the returns of the crypto asset class for the next decade. We want to give investors a way to find attractive risk-adjusted returns in a world where returns are pushed farther and farther in the risk curve. (e.g zero interest rates, bond yields inching negative, equity valuations at an all-time high).

  • Non-custodial- Users retain ownership over their capital. The protocol, founding team, and other users cannot withdraw their capital.

  • Decentralized asset management- Everyone can create their own Gardens. Users can become members of a Garden by depositing capital.

  • The protocol is designed to encourage long-term holdings over short-term holdings- It incentivizes long-term holdings with more rewards in the governance token ($BABL).

  • DeFi Together- Members of a Garden form around an investment thesis and cooperatively decide where to allocate the group's capital for the common good.

  • Democratize access to investment- Give everyone the chance to start their own Garden.

  • Every asset will eventually be a crypto asset- Babylon will eventually offer every asset class. We are convinced that eventually, all asset classes are going to be tokenized and available through public blockchains. Synthetix and its tokens that track oil, gold, or the S\&P are an early example of this.

  • Gateway to DeFi- Protocol details are hidden from the user, providing an understandable blockchain agnostic interface and messaging. Aggregator on the frontend, protocol on the backend.

  • Participants with skin in the game and shared upside- Improve on the 2/20 structure from traditional hedge funds. Compensate and attract the best Strategists with strong incentives to be able to offer the best investment ideas in the world.

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A reminder that you have until September 28th at 8am PDT to claim the BABL proceeds. Head to to claim your proceeds Note: This is different than the Rari hack reimbursement. .
Babylon Finance - DeFi Together

Babylon Finance - DeFi Together

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