Aragon Network DAO
Aragon Network DAO

Aragon Network DAO

Decentralised autonomous organisation of the Aragon community

Our Mission

The vision of the Aragon Network DAO is to be a highly scalable ecosystem of entrepreneurial teams that will be a source of perpetual innovation, without a single point of failure.

The Optimistic nature of proposals and voting creates an Idea Meritocracy where the ideas of any $ANT holder can be listened to and considered by the community.

This creates a level of engagement and dynamism that is rarely achievable in legacy organizations.

Deploy a DAO on Aragon Client or Aragon Govern, manage your community on Aragon Voice, resolve disputes in Aragon Court and run enterprise-level votes on Vocdoni, all within our open-source stack.




AN DAO Handbook








Our Values

  • Assuming good intentions and demonstrating empathy and kindness toward other people.

  • Being respectful of differing opinions, viewpoints, and experiences.

  • Giving and gracefully accepting constructive feedback.

  • Proactively taking responsibility.

  • Clearly communicating if we might fail to uphold responsibility, working to avoid or repair negative consequences on others, adequately apologizing with the affected parties, and learning from the experience.

  • Focusing on what is best not just for us as individuals, but for the overall community.

  • Embodying the values of the Aragon Manifesto.

  • We want effective change in how civil society organises itself.

  • Decentralisation is the way to change, but we're aware that it's a bumpy and long road, and taking straight paths is sometimes needed.

  • Transparency above anything.

  • Trust before hierarchies.

  • We believe in an open-source approach to creation.

  • We don't sell, nor over-promise. Instead, we communicate things as we see them, including pros and cons.

Latest Tweets

Have you ever thought about governance as a capital or vice versa? During the DeFi hype yields were distributed in the form of power tokens, that fuse the features of “utility tokens” and “governance tokens”, which really means the combination of currency and capital.
VOTING:… Eagle Ops request $514,800 for two seasons for Finance, legal, DAO ops and Data Analytics to:
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