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Alliance DAO

Accelerating the world's transition to Web3

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Our Mission

The Alliance DAO is a community of Web3 stakeholders.

Members include founders, code auditors, lawyers, trading firms, venture funds, exchanges and other service providers.

Leading Web3 experts and service providers contribute to Alliance to help startup founders and to get access to deal flow, partnerships, insights and more.

Web3 will dramatically change the lives of people all over the world. It allows for lower costs, better coordination and ownership, and novel use cases. Everyone will benefit from Web3 products. The same way they did by accessing the internet and mobile phones.

Our mission is thus simple: we were founded to accelerate the transition to Web3.

Our goal is simple: to grow Web3 to 1 billion users by 2025.

To do so, we're uniting the top builders and industry experts within the space.

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Our Values

  • Focus on Founders- Builders drive technology shifts. Whenever facing a difficult decision, we ask ourselves “what is best for founders?” We go above and beyond for founders.

  • Deliver Impact- We focus on the largest challenges within our company and industry. We measure success not by hours worked but by impact delivered.

  • Open to Innovation- We are certain about the potential of open economic systems but don't know how the future will take shape. We therefore strive to stay on the edge of innovation.

  • Leverage Community- Collaboration between long-term-oriented participants is fundamental to success in Web 3. We leverage our impact by leveraging community.