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420 DAO
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420 DAO

A coordinating and supporting body for the development of decentralized economies

Our Mission

420 DAO is pushing the development of Decentralized Economies.

420 DAO is a coordinating and supporting body that helps in the development of decentralized economies. The project is powered by the 420 Token, where every mechanism is informed by the magic number 420. The magic number 420 symbolizes community cohesion and empowerment.

420 DAO takes a three-pronged approach to boost the decentralized economies in the crypto-verse.

Building- 420 DAO will utilize the talent and expertise of its development team to build open-source dApps that align with the project’s vision. The project emphasizes public goods and remedies the “tragedy of the commons.”

Investing- 420 DAO has developed a Treasury owned by 420 DAO members. This treasury is used to invest in lucrative crypto projects, deployed in potential native DeFi protocols, or allocated to institutional hedge funds, especially in bear market regimes.

Governing- Every member of 420 DAO plays a crucial role in the project’s progress. Every 420 token holder has the full right to participate in the governance of 420 DAO and any associated protocols from the beginning itself.

The profitability, sustainability and reliability of any project is not only determined by the utility of the platform. It is also determined by the different measures the project takes to ensure an optimum and secure future for its members.

420 DAO has deployed three layers of value protection for its members. Using these three layers, 420 DAO ensures that every member has a role to play in the project’s growth and feel valued.

420 DAO aims to set a new standard for community participation and instil these standards in decentralized global economies.

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Our Values

  • Floor Price- 420 protocol ensures that new members contribute equally and positively to the decentralized autonomous organization as a whole. The project is designed for members to add value to the protocol instead of extracting it.

  • Intrinsic Value- 420 DAO is treasury-backed that empowers 420 tokens with positive intrinsic value. The market must always trade above the intrinsic value, or one can make free money. The market price of 420 tokens is generally 6x higher than the intrinsic value.

  • Membership Value- The robustness of any DAO project is determined by the freedom and control the users have in the governance of the project. DAO is a first-seen in crypto yet sensible project that enables long-term focused members on becoming the true deciders of the treasury. When a user leaves the DAO, they also forfeit the membership value for the benefit of the remaining community.